Series: kids Were alright - Myanmar 2013v2023

Series: the kids Were alright - 2013v2023

2013 pre-coup images taken in Myanmar are randomly combined with photographs of manually typed words from resistance fighters

the kids Were alright

Myanmar 2013v2023

From 1962 to 2012, Myanmar was a military dictatorship closed off from the world. Myanmar opened to the world in 2012. When I visited in 2013, there was so much hope. Cellphones were prevalent, and the young absorbed everything from the web. They creatively blended influences by combining a mashup of contemporary elements and Myanmar traditions, including thanaka face paint. I was inspired and I knew, the kids are alright.

In 2021, the junta again seized power in a coup. Massive peaceful protests were brutally put down and un-armed civilians were slaughtered. The People's Defense Armed Forces (PDF) was created as the military for the National Unity Government. Many joined the war against the military.

Ten years after I took photos of these marvelous kids, I wondered where they are now. In this series, I intersperse panels of 2013 images with 2023 photos of manually typed words from resistance fighters.

the kids Were alright - Myanmar 2013v2023
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More Myanmar Information

Myanmar or Burma?

In 1989, the Military Junta renamed Burma to Myanmar in an attempt to improve their ethno-nationalist credentials. Many in the West continue to use Burma in disdain for the Junta.

While I was in country in 2013, I asked the young what they called their country. Their answer was Myanmar.

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Photo Review 2023, Stephen Perloff
Prix de la Photographie Px3 Silver 2023
Arte Leguna 17: Selecton 2022

Chosen Portland's Best Fine Art Photography

Press Release:
"The Independent is pleased to present photographs by Brad Carlile as our inaugural exhibition. Carlile was a winner of the 2009 Hearst 8x10 Photography Biennial. The Hearst Biennial judges were Peter Lindbergh, Mary Ellen Mark, Steve McCurry, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, John A. Bennette III.

Empty hotel rooms from all over the world form the basis of these works, all shot in multiple exposures over time on film, with
no digital manipulation.

The rooms are electric with vibrant color, yet spare and detached by virtue of their transient energy and occupation. The perimeters of shifted space and time are blurred, giving a result
both classic and contemporary."

Houston Show

De Santos Gallery. Brad Carlile, Contemporary Fine Art Photograph, change highlighted with vivid color without digital manipulation, tempus incognitus
De Santos Gallery (Houston TX):
Jose (48"x60"), Bange, Rainie, Sevee, Alb (30"x40")


  • "Brad Carlile's Tempus Incognitus at The Independent took us on a tour of brightly colored hotel rooms, rendered in eerie long exposures."

    That year chosen as Best Photography Show of the Year

    Richard Speer, Willamette Week

  • "The conscious choice to photograph places of transience is less a comment on twenty-first-century ennui and dislocation and more about fixing our complicated relationship with time’s passage to a place we know very well: the universal hotel room."

    Todd Tubutis, Director of Blue Sky Gallery

  • "The luridness of the shade of green in Brad Carlile’s “Deec" — think limeade laced with gangrene — has to be seen to be disbelieved. Androids may or may not dream of electric sheep. But if dream they do, this is what the green in those dreams must look like."

    Mark Feeney, The Boston Globe
    Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic


  1. the kids Were alright

    best friend

  2. Myanmar: Televised & Ignored

    revolution televised and ignored

  3. Tempus Incognitus


  4. Night Amalgam


  5. Day Amalgam

    Day Amalgam 12

  6. Layer(s) Organic

    Branch to Flower

  7. About Flow


  8. Chaos for Amateurs

    running the punk

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2016 Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC), Acquisition, Salta Argentina

2015 Ballarat 2015 Biennial, Australia

2009 Hearst 8x10 Photography Biennial, Heast Tower, Brodovitch Gallery, New York

2008 "Foreign potografias", MoMA Rio de Janeiro, Acquisition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


2014 Festival de la Luz Biennial, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 Galería Alicia D´Amico, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2011 Independent, Portland OR - Portland's best

2010 De Santos Gallery, Houston, TX

2008 Galerie Maurer, Munich, Germany

2004 Refracted Move, Pushdot Studio, Portland, OR


2023 Px3 State of the World, Shortlist

2023 Prix de la Photographie de Paris, Silver

2023 The Photo Review, Stephen Perloff, PA

2023 Deep Perspective, Int'l Photo Awards, NYC 

2022 Arte Laguna Prize 17, Selection, Venice

2022 Deep Perspective, Int'l Photo Awards, NYC

2016 Annual B&W Spider Awards, Beverly Hills, CA

2016 Int'l Color Awards, Beverly Hills, CA

2014 PDN Photo Award Winner, Fine Art, New York

2014 Deep Perspective, Int'l Photo Awards, NYC

2013 Fine Art, Int'l Photo Awards, IPA, New York

2009 Hearst 8x10 Photo Biennial, New York

2009 Grant, Regional Arts & Culture Council, Oregon

2006 1st Place, Photo Annual, Alaska Airlines

2005 Pacific NW Annual, Univ. of Oregon


2016 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs CA

2015 Radical Color, Newspace, Portland, OR

2014 20th Annual, Griffen Museum, Winchester, MA

2013 Archisle 2013, Société Jersiaise, Jersey, UK

2013 GeoGráfica, La Fototeca, Guatemala City

2013 Blue Sky's PNW Viewing Drawers, Portland OR

2012 Center for Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE

2012 Slideshow, Annenberg Photo, Los Angeles, CA

2012 Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, OR

2012 Blue Sky's PNW Viewing Drawers, Portland, OR

2011 Photo Review, Stephen Perloff, Langhorne, PA

2010 14th Friends of Friends Auction, New York

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2009 Contemp Photo, Flanders Gallery, Raleigh, NC

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