the kids Were alright – Myanmar 2013v2023

2013 images vs 2023 words (2of3)

These 2013 pre-coup photos taken in Myanmar are randomly combined with 2023 post-coup text posted by contemporary resistance fighters.

  • my-crew
  • we fled into the jungle to join the P.D.F., some of my friends are dead
  • selfie
  • i joined the all-woman fighting force, saving this country is not just a man’s dutye
  • sunshine
  • junta killing our cherished young, covid killing our beloved eldest
  • united
  • i was a peaceful protester, i’ve turned into a soldier
  • comfy hoodie
  • after non-violence we used slingshots against military, no longer
  • leadsinger
  • my friend forced to join tatamadaw, can underground network help him escape