Artist Statement

Series: Night Amalgam

"Night Amalgam" combines the day's liminal times and shows them concurrently existing. Day, dusk, and night are combined in new and sometimes unsettling ways.

Cubist's paintings show a single landscape from different perspectives at the same time. In “Night Amalgam,” I show a single urban landscape from same perspective at different times.

All work is done on film and in camera without digital creation or manipulation. Some of these images have taken up to three days to create.

Creating these images in camera on film allows me to capture the energy of change while maintaining a grounding in reality. I like to print large to enhance the impact of the colors. The intriguing details of the interactions between colors draw one into an intimate distance to explore. To me, it is important that the images in this series impact the viewer both from across the room as well as under very close inspection.

"Night Amalgam" Series (horizontals)
Artist Statement
Hawthorne Vegas Frisco South East O'hare Golden Gate Brooklyn Bridge Bday Esplanade Centre pompidou Buiding Vegas Pacific City Two Moons over Rockport Cross Click to see Vertical Images

"Night Amalgam" Series (verticals)  Artist Statement
Melbourne Eliot PAM Aero Denver 3 days Notre Dame Champs Paris New Year Pearl Construct Pearl Rock Center Click to see Horizontal Images