Marketing Advice and Information for Artists

Advice, Websites, and Information Helping Photographic Artists:

Wide range of good information at:

Mary Virginia Swanson's photography marketing blog at:

Photographer's Rights:

Sadly, even artists have to know their rights. These days a lot more converstations start " can't shoot that" or "...what are you doing". I get this I especially get it when I stand in one spot for hours by my tripod.

If you want to avoid getting hassled when you are confronted about your photography. Take a look at these pages, the sites listed below have pdf's you can print out and carry them with you:

US Photographers rights: and...

Canadian Photographer's rights:

UK Photographers rights:

Australian Photographers rights:

Portfolio Reviews:

For photographers, Ibelieve Portfolio Reviews are a great way to get exposure to your work when you have a tightly-edited conceptually solid portfolio. Great chance to meet and start building relationships with curators and others who can further your fine art photography.

Photolucida (held in odd years, next April 2009)

FotoFest (held in even years, next 2010)

Photolucida's Critical Mass (CD-based review)

Artist Registry:

Artists Space (free, 2 images, contact)

Charles Saatchi Gallery, UK
Brad Carlile's listing at Saatchi

Juried Show Information:

Arts Deadline List gives competition deadline listings nationwide for all media:

Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) provides information and opportunities for Portland, Oregon (Clackamas, Multnomah, & Washington Counties)

CameraArts Listing: is another source:

NYFA offers current calls for a nationial listing of competitions: (look under Opportunities for Artists Link)

Southern Arts Federation provides an online search form

Boulder CO Arts Resources

Manhattan Arts International:

Projekt30 Online Gallery: Thirty Artists per Month show in online juried show, not free as it's $180/year

Brochures vs. Slides:

  • Presents reasonable size photographs for sample viewing
  • Most reviewers don't project slides but look at on light board without lupe, or worse hold up them to a light
  • Don't have to wait for slides to be returned
  • I abhor shrinking by medium format slide to 35mm (60mm x 45mm to 35mm x 24mm)
  • However all juried shows I've seen require 35mm slides or CDs

Business Cards:

  • Card Size: 2"x3.5" (Photoshop approx 2452px by 4291px)
  • Best sizes for Fonts: 11 point to 7 point
  • Coated 100lb stock for cards with full color photographs
  • Heavier card stock possible if limit to 1 or 2 color

Post Cards:

  • 4/4: full color both sides
  • 4/1: Full color one side B&W other
  • 4"x9" Postcard (same as rack brochures), 2 to 3 images on one side, room for background on reverse, fits #10 envelope
  • 3"x5" Postcard, 1 image on one side
  • Always send with cover letter